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"If you dig the heavy and are a fan of Neurosis, Thou, and the heavier side of Relapse records catalogue you should definitely check out Sixes. Their sludge filled, blackened metal will fill your anemic, empty soul." 
- Outlaws Of The Sun 

“Fogbreather” is a doom anthem spawned by SIXES’ main credo, “Worship amps, not gods.” I could see this as their closing song with all fellow doomers and stoners headbanging in sync, fists raised to the air, the crowd singing back the lyrics with a firm belief in the message held within their eyes." 
-Doomed & Stoned 

"Sixes have delivered a scathing debut with Methistopheles. Not only that but it has enough teeth that any fan of extreme metal will find a ton to love here. My small issues with repetition are my own and you may find your experience completely different but outside of that, this album effortlessly ticks all the doom metal boxes. But the real ace in the hole, and what makes this debut a success for me, is in just how angry and visceral Sixes come across. And for that they’ve won, repetition be damned." 
- Nine Circles 

"The music here is a form of utterly bleak sonic gigantism that vibrates you down to the soles of your feet, married to myriad manifestations of mind-mangling agony and mortifying doom. The band’s main modus operandi is to lock into hungering, bone-grinding riffs and let them rumble and pound the listener into a widening sinkhole of despair, while performing sadistic experiments on your emotional stability." 
- No Clean Singing