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First US tape edition of GATES AJAR, the debut mini LP from Australia's SABÏRE.

"This Mini-Album is meant and intended to be a "showcase" of what can be expected in future material. Sabïre is not and will never be a single dimension art experience. Sabïre has many facets, and will in future display more of and less of each facet, as well as emerge with new angles unknown to the author at the time of this writing. "Gates Ajar" is an attempt to give the listener an idea of what is to come. Each song explores a very different facet than the last, and is sewn together as harmoniously as possible. 

Up from the deep of the Earth, Sabïre has come, and now the Gates Ajar'

-Scarlett Monastyrski


Limited to 200 copies, pro tape, purple shell, double sided J card with lyrics.